Fourth Six Weeks

1. You must have at least 6 pages. Remember, that includes your mainpage, subpages, and pages off of your subpage. Most students will end of with more than 6, but that’s the bare minimum.
2. You much include the following information. Each topic doesn’t necessarily need to be it’s own page, but it must all be somewhere!
a. Homepage – This is your mainpage. It must have links to all subpages.
b. About Us – This can have a variety of things on. It should include the company history. Be creative! You might want to include information about the founders of the company, how and why the company got started, bios on the current President, etc. You also need to have contact information for the company. It might go on the About Us page or you might have a link for Contact Us.
c. Job Openings – This might be a separate page or it might be a link off of a Contact Us page. This page should contain the job listings you currently have at your company. You should include the job title, job description, who this person would report to, date the job listing was posted, deadline to apply, and a way to contact (email) questions. Check major corporation’s websites for examples.
d. Products or Services – Every company strives to make a profit by either selling something or offering a service. This page highlights your products or services and should contain all basic information (picture, price, information).
3. Each page much have the following:
a. Background (remember they should be consistent and preferably not a picture background)
b. Applicable information that thoroughly covers the topic
c. At least one picture (some pages will only need 1, while others will be 20).
d. Links to all other subpages.

Be creative in how you set up your webpage! If you need to create other pages to have a better website, do it! Don’t stop at six pages because that is all I am requiring for the project. Make sure you have the 6 pages finished before you start building more! If you finish early, you will be required to add pages or perfect existing pages.

Things to think about:
Purpose of the page, link colors, followed link colors, consistency, matching signature colors, and organization of site and each page individually.

You will be graded on the following categories:
Layout, background, color choices, graphics, content, navigation, spelling and grammar, fonts, file names saved correctly, overall appearance, and “above and beyond” points.
Please keep in mind, if you do the bare minimum, you will receive the bare minimum grade to pass (70).


Third Six Weeks

About Me Mini-paper (75 points): 
After learning MLA format in class, the students wrote a short paper, one page paper, addressing one of the following topics.
1. What is the most special thing about you?
2. What is an event that really contributed to who you are today?
These questions are something that do not require research and should get them thinking for college essays.
The paper was due the same day.

Article Summaries 1-2 (50 points):
Students were given all of class on Friday (and part of Weds/Thurs) to find two articles relating to their paper topic. They had to fill out the note taking worksheet for two articles by the beginning of class on Monday. The remaining two are due Weds/Thurs.

Articles Summaries 3-4 (50 points):

45 mins into class, I will be checking for their last 2 article summaries.  At this time I am only stamping them because they need their papers to work on their papers. They will turn them in when they turn in their final papers.

Paper Outline (50 points):
Students will have the second 45min chunk of class Weds/Thurs to write their outlines.  If they do not finish, it is homework and is due at the beginning of class on Friday.  This is a 50 point grade.

Research Paper (300 points):
Students will write a 2 page research paper (using MLA formatting).  The paper must be about a business topic and they must argue a point. 
The students will use,, to correctly format their Works Cited page. If any students have a question about the proper formatting with MLA formatting, they can use the handouts/template discussed in class, or .  The completed paper is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 11/20.  The students will peer edit each other’s papers and then make final edits. The completed paper is due at the end of class on Tuesday. They must hand in a printed copy as well as drop a copy off in their class drop folder (Z drive).

Second Six Weeks

Practice Website Evaluation_ClintonHillary Clinton Website
Practice Website Evaluation_CornellCornell Website


 Article  Summary Worksheet (50 points):
We learned how to read an article and pick out the important parts to either paraphrase in a paper or use as a direct quote.  As a practice we read an article about the origin of bungee jumping (Click here for the article: All in the Past (website version- Vanuatu land diving article). Then, we used the worksheet (Click here for Notetaking Handout) to write down the Works Cited information and the key-points. The next day the students then had to summarize an article on their own during class. They used the same worksheet (the back of it) and used an article about baby boomers and their iPods ( The article is two pages, so make sure you read and summarize both pages.
 Typing Tests (30 points each week)
Typing tests will occur each Friday. Students will take a 3 min typing test and be graded on two things, their speed and their improvement. Below you will find the base scores.  They receive extra points for improvement as well.
60 WPM (words per minute) – 30/30 = 100%
55 WPM – 29/30 = 95%
50 WPM – 27/30 = 90%
45 WPM – 26/30 = 85%
40 WPM – 24/30 = 80%
35 WPM – 23/30 = 75%
30 WPM – 21/30 = 70%
25 WPM – 20/30 = 65%
20WPM – 18/30 = 60%
15 WPM & below – 15/30 = 15%


First Six Weeks

Typing Tests (30 points each week)
Typing tests will occur each Friday. Students will take a 3 min typing test and be graded on two things, their speed and their improvement. Below you will find the base scores.  They receive extra points for improvement as well.
60 WPM (words per minute) – 30/30 = 100%
55 WPM – 29/30 = 95%
50 WPM – 27/30 = 90%
45 WPM – 26/30 = 85%
40 WPM – 24/30 = 80%
35 WPM – 23/30 = 75%
30 WPM – 21/30 = 70%
25 WPM – 20/30 = 65%
20WPM – 18/30 = 60%
15 WPM & below – 15/30 = 15%



  • Letter to Mr. Castro – 60 points
  • National Geographic Letter – 90 points
    Students have learned the format and content of professional business letters. Students have practiced a complaint/compliment letter as a class about a school event/policy.  Students traded with partners, proofread letters, and then fixed mistakes.  Now students will complete a letter on their own.
    There are two objectives for this assignment. First, students must use the correct format for their business letter. Second, the students must have strong and persuasive content.  
    The students will pretend they work in the subscriptions department of National Geographic Magazine.  The students will take one of two approaches.
    1.  Write a letter to a current subscriber who has a subscription about to expire.  Convince them to re-subscribe to the magazine.  Look at the website,, for information about the magazine.
    2.  Write a letter to a potential customer to convince them to try the magazine and subscribe. Look at the website,, for information about the magazine.
    The students may have a classmate proofread their letter when they are finished. This will be saved in the drop folder for a grade.
  •  Teacher Letter (90 points)
    Students are to compose a letter to their favorite teacher.  It should be in professional business letter format.  It should thank the teacher for something or tell the teacher something the student appreciates about the class. The letter cannot state such things as, “your class is easy”, “you don’t give us much work”, or “you let us sleep”.  Take this chance to make someone else’s day better! The teacher must still be a teacher at Westside High School since the letters will be placed in the teacher’s box.  
  • Major Assignment 2 – Letters from a Nut (300 points)
    Write a business letter to a company of your choice.  Remember this is the letter that will be formatted after the examples I read you from Letters from a Nut!!  First, come up with a crazy idea. Second, gather the contact information for the company.  Once you have figured out that information, write a letter to their headquarters asking them to listen to your request (whatever it may be)!  Remember to prove your point to the company. Be concise!  Let them know why they should grant you your request or why they should listen to your point of view (even if it might be a little off the wall).  The best way to get a response for your silly letter is through professional writing and details!
    Secondly, please use the correct format!  Your letter should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and you must use the Modified Block style. Your margins should be 1″ on the left, right, top and bottom.  You must use your personal letterhead for this assignment. 
    Remember the more time and effort you put into writing this letter will increase your chance of receiving a response!  If you receive a response and present it to the class, you will receive Extra Credit! Bring .50 cents to class to purchase an envelope and stamp to mail your letter!
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