Friday, April 17, 2009

  1. Warm up
  2. Since it isn’t on the computers right now, here is the Z drive login information…although you should know this already…
    Right click on my computer
    Folder –    \\wsidehs-rs06\lsmith
    make sure reconnect at login is not checked
    click on different user name
    enter your user name              wsidehs-rs06\p1-lsmith-A
    enter your password
  3. Drop your Westside Flyer and the intro to Publisher assignments in the appropriate drop folder (make sure they have been completed).
  4. Drop off your Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor Excel spreadsheet in your approprite drop folder. This is MANDATORY AND MUST BE DROPPED TODAY!
  5. Please read this: Dilbert Comic Strip
  6. Introduction to PowerPoint handout(You MUST print this to fill out in class and turn in to the box at the end of class)
  7. Storyboard Template (You MUST print this to complete your homework – you can do it in the classroom or at home) If you need some examples go to the sites listed below.   Keep in mind that I want you to note your background colors and font colors on your storyboard!

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