Wednesday/Thursday, April 8/9, 2009

  1. Work on your Lifestyles of the Rich and Poor Project. You need to make sure you have completed all your numbers, along with your adjustments, charts and final write up by the end of class today!  Make sure you email the spreadsheet to yourself at the end of class or save it on a thumb drive so that you can take it home and print parts of it to put on your posterboard!
  2. ALL PROJECTS ARE DUE ON MONDAY, WHETHER YOU PRESENT THAT DAY OR NOT!  Dress professionally for your presentation. During your presentation you need to be able to explain your original budget, your problems, the changes you made and why you made those adjustments.  Your visual aid needs to be on poster board or a tri-fold board – be creative!

Presentation Schedules
Period 1
Period 2
Period 6
Period 7


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