Wednesday/Thursday, April 1/2, 2009

  1. Pick up a scantron from the side table. Put your name, class period and date on it. In the SUBJECT area please put: Excel Functions & Finance. In the test # area, please put THE VERSION (LETTER) AND NUMBER OF YOUR TEST.
  2. Wait for the test to be handed out. After you have completed the test, please put your scantron in your class period box and put your test back on the side table in the correct order. No one leaves until all tests have been collected. DO NOT TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS DURING THE TEST OR AFTER UNTIL ALL TESTS HAVE BEEN COLLECTED.
  3. Please sit QUIETLY at your desk (or work on another class’s homework) until ALL tests have been turned in. After that, please get your book and finish all Lesson 3 assignments. Turn in your Lesson 3 assignment sheet to the class period box by the end of class.

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