Tuesday, February 17, 2009

  1. Complete the warm up
  2. Thursday: Career Speaker: Benjamin Rosales – Computer Animation  (S100 – 1st 20 min of A & B lunch) – Extra Credit
  3. Pick up the Lesson 1 (Excel) handout from the side table.
  4. Open your book to page 172 and complete the objectives portion of the handout.
  5. Next complete the vocabulary section – write the definition in the space provided.
  6. Next go to p. 174 and start doing with the exercises in Lesson 1. (On the back side of the handout is a checklist you need to check off after you have completed each assignment.) The files that you need are located in the Z drive pick up folder, under All BCIS classes, then under Excel, Lesson 1. (Find the file name in the book that corresponds with the file name in the folder.)  Open the file you need then go to file, save as, and save the file with your name on it in your personal folder.
  7. As you go through the lessons, fill in the correct definitions or shortcuts in the Keyboard moves section.
  8. I am still grading your business websites, but if anyone would like to add a point to their six weeks average, please give me the 2 business bucks during your class on Wed/Thursday.

Excel Lesson 1 Handout


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