Wednesday/Thursday, December 3/4, 2008

  1. Print out your rough draft and staple your outline and then your sources packet behind it. Turn it in to me ASAP!
  2. I will pass out the peer editing guidelines and the peer editing worksheet.
  3. You will peer edit another classmates paper…follow the guidelines.
  4. After peer editing, you will return the paper and your peer editing notes to the author.  Once you receive yours back, you will start making the corrections on your own paper!
  5. 15 min before class ends, you will start turning in your work.
    **Print a final copy of your paper (including your Works Cited page) – staple it in front of your rough draft, peer editing sheet, outline and sources
    **Drop off a copy of your final paper into the correct Z drive folder
    **Upload your research paper (make sure it has the correct file name (smith1_research paper) to!

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