Friday, November 14, 2008

Let me warn ALL of you…if you are caught off task by the sub, you WILL BE WRITTEN UP! I am not going to put up with you being off task. Just because I am not standing over your shoulder watching you does not mean that you do not have to do your work!


  1. Complete the warm-up
  2. Pick up the Sources Packet from the side table. Pick up the research paper handout from the side table.  Start finding CREDIBLE sources for your research topic. YOU MUST HAVE 2 SOURCES COMPLETED BY MONDAY!!! Remember to evaluate your websites and use credible sources. You may not use Wikipedia as a source.
    (If you didn’t finish the paper yesterday, I suggest you turn it into the drop folder by the end of class today.)
  3. If you have forgotten to turn in any assignments, please print them out and put them in the box (grades go in on Monday). If you missed any quizzes, please plan to stay during your lunch or after school on Monday to make up the work! No exceptions!

1st and 7th Period…what did you do on Wednesday? Because I saw very LITTLE work turned in. That means you were off task!!! Those of you that turn in the 2 page (About Me) paper late will have points taken off.  You had an hour and a half to write about yourself.  I am not happy with your lack of discipline or performance. I expect more from you today!
7th period…After reading the blog, why did some of you think that 2-3 of you could sign up for the same topic? That means that you did not read the instructions.  If you were one of them, I have assigned you a NEW topic!  See the list below.

The numbers correspond with the original list posted on the blog from Wednesday/Thursday.

1st Period:
Lee, Jason, Lauren and Edgar. I show that you were present, but did not sign up for topics. I have assigned you one. Please see the list below.

  1. Arion Short
  2. Alex Miller
  3. Alexis Martinez
  4. Phillip Kanu
  5. Breanna Jolivette
  6. Kevin Taylor
  7. Jean-Claude Brouillette
  8. Jennifer Thompson
  9. Khalil Obaid
  10. John Clay
  11. Hakeem Etti
  12. Ivana Komazin
  13. Mecca Miles
  14. Xavier Crane
  15. Edgar Rivera
  16. Jason Barnes
  17. Sunshine Williams
  18. Geovanny Marin
  19. LaRhonda Daniels
  20. Lee Doehring
  21. Colton Drury
  22. Robert Hawkins
  23. Angelica Thompson
  24. Otiti Elegon
  25. Elizabeth Flores
  26. Lauren Johnson
  27. Trayvon Phillips

2nd Period:
Victor – Please pick a topic.  Dumo – since you did not pick a topic on Thursday, one has been assigned to you.

  1. Kyle Higgins
  2. Anita Henderson
  3. Edward Chang
  4. Monica Bednarowicz
  5. Ariane Thomas
  6. Shaxhime Ogazi
  7. Latoria Ford
  8. Blake Zieren
  9. Mehreen Khan
  10. Amy Contreras
  11. Bryanha Barefield
  12. James Wallace
  13. Samuel Velasquez
  14. Amer Barazi
  15. Arianna Menendez
  16. De’Veronette White
  17. Lynette Monroe
  18. Dumo Briggs
  19. Roxane Eslami
  20. Mekenzie Oviett
  21. Caroline Adams
  22. Austin Lucas
  23. Prove Windows XP is better than Vista – Alan Hodgson
  24. Why music therapy should be used in the community – Conner Roberts
  25. Acoustical Engineering – Thomas Williams
  26. Lawyers effect on big business – Trevor Powell

6th Period:
Mindy – please pick a topic from the options left or create one.  Susanna and Asher since you did not sign up for one on Thursday, you have been assigned a topic.

  1. Asher Washburn
  2. Torion Harris
  3. Kevin Garcia
  4. Karkeylah Huff
  5. Colton Shaw
  6. Hilda Carmona
  7. Treylon Weber
  8. Devaughn Gilliam
  9. Kyle Lamport
  10. Brianna Evans
  11. Irma Torres
  12. Maritza Castillo
  13. Iman Junoc-Zouein
  14. Cameron Woods
  15. Tam Vu
  16. Timothy Lancaster
  17. Susanna Rubio
  18. Kimberly Ward
  19. Loriah Pope
  20. Alba Najera
  21. Brandi Collins
  22. Bianca Lister
  23. Effect of the economy on unemployment – Dylan Addison
  24. Effects of scholarships on universities – Evelyn Garay
  25. Effects of savings on the future – Julia Tsai

7th Period:
Sterling – I show that you were present yesterday, but did not pick a topic.  I have assigned one to you.

  1. Dariya Yelemanova
  2. Sterling Scott
  3. Aldo Echeverria
  4. Madison Probus
  5. Jaylun Jones
  6. Cristian Vazquez
  7. Steve Moffatt
  8. Matthew Riff
  9. Emily Stavinoha
  10. Ahmad Lewis
  11. Juliana Arias
  12. Natalie yanez
  13. Claire Friedman
  14. Kofi Anane-Sekyere
  15. Audrey Sturges
  16. Randell Kersey
  17. Matthew Levell
  18. Melissa White
  19. Lauryn Randall
  20. JaQuan Brooks
  21. Thai Huynh
  22. Rose Cabrera
  23. Kristian Rodriguez
  24. Eric Jacot
  25. Patrick Blevins
  26. Nick Dennis

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