Wednesday/Thursday, November 12/13, 2008

**Remember to stay on task the entire class period, you have a LOT of work to do today!

  1. Warm up
  2. Finish your notetaking handout (completely) for the Bungy article and the “I Can’t Live without My Darling iPod” article.   Turn it into the box. This should only take you about 15 min. at the most.
  3. WRITE (using MLA formatting (the research paper format) that you created in class yesterday) a two page paper about yourself.  Please explain in the paper what experiences you have had in your life that have made you the person you are today. This is DUE AT THE END OF CLASS and must be dropped in your appropriate class drop folder on the Z drive!  This paper must have 5 paragraphs (an intro with your thesis statement, 2nd-3rd-4th paragraphs are details about your 3 reasons why you are who you are, 5th paragraphs is your conclusion.
  4. Pick a research paper topic from below. There is also a printed list on the board.  After you decide on a topic, go to the correct class list on the board and sign up for a topic. If another person has already chosen that topic, you must pick a new one. IF you have come up with a great topic on your own, please write it in and I will approve it on Friday.


Business Research Topics


1.    Green energy and the effect on consumers (Green Economics)

2.    Housing market

3.    Long term effects of the government buying mortgage loans from Fannie Mae, etc.

4.    Effects of copyright laws on internet downloading and effects on artists

5.    Credit card debt

6.    Athletes and branding (selling products)

7.    Stock market – investing

8.    Effect of a democratic president on the economy

9.    Why wal-mart is evil

10.Effect of the gas prices on the airline industry and the consumer

11.The benefits/drawbacks of entrepreneurship

12. Issues of women and minorities in small business

13. Exploring international opportunities in business and/or employment

14. I’d like to work in …(foreign country)  research country, opportunities and job market

15. The business of sports

16. Research concepts from The World is Flat and apply to one company

17. How can companies use the recession to benefit their sales?

18. Research the perfect time to start a business.

19. Compare and contrast Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

20. Pro wireless internet and laptops for all students in school – how do you pay for it? Why would you need it?

21.Consumerism’s effect on children and how it family dynamics

22.Corporate ethics

23.Will the national debt affect the everyday consumer? How?

24.How business is changing and how it affects the educational system

25. Benefits of student business internships

26. Careers and opportunities in banking

27.  The business of politics—How was the presidential election run—what kind of business model/techniques? (Democrat/Republican)

28.  Recessionary spending advice/strategies for consumers

29. The value of business education in the high school environment


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